woensdag 10 december 2014

Why I chose the iPhone (2014 or better known as 6) over the LG G3 Android phone.

Why the iPhone over the LG G3:

-Steady clear interface
-Fingerprint scanner

I just wanna start talking about the -Steady clear interface.
I have been an Android fanatic since day 1 and Owner of the T-Mobile G1 since the release date.
Android is a very beautiful system with lots of opportunities.
Unfortunately Android or to be precise, the Android devices have turned out very different in the last years.
Is that good or bad? I leave that up to your personal preference.
What I don't like is the personal touch that every Manufacturer of the devices puts on top of the original Android UI.
Again, that is your own taste if you like it or not.
I like the clean interface of the original Android UI but with some original Android devices you can't extend memory so
you would be stuck in the same place as with an iPhone device.
It was all about panoramic scroll, widgets, multiple tasking and lots more that brought new things in to the
scene at the beginning.
In time Android has evolved to an unbelievably big UI.
After using an iPhone 5c for the last year I switched now to the LG G3.
The Android UI that was present on my LG G3 was not the original Google Android UI, that bothered me.
Because once again, I like it clean.
Now with Android you have the option to flash a rom of your liking, wether the Manufacture likes that or not it is
possible and easy.
Also, after nog using Android for more than 1 year I felt like I was in the middle of one of the biggest opportunities
space ever. Think of you being dropped in the "Matrix" with millions of possibilities to build your own UI.
I lost all track and decided to leave the UI as it was, not even bothered to search for widgets.
There are so many that you don't even know what to look for or to download.
We might not have widgets with the iOs interface but hey, I'll get later to the point why iOs is now the better choice for me.

Then the very simple reason for the -Fingerprint scanner.
1. I don't like when people look over my fingers when I type in my lockscreen password, that bothers me. With the
-Fingerprint scanner I don't need to worry about anyone looking and can just press and my device unlocks :).
2. Instead of pressing more buttons, I just press one.

For me personally the size of the LG G3 was too big. I coulden't handle it with one hand.

First of all before buying the LG G3 I read a lot of reviews of the phone and this was portraited as one of the best
cameras on the market and competitive with the iphone's camera.
Let me tell you, the camera of the LG G3 does not even come close to the camera of the iphone 5c.
It is a lot badder, not coming close to the quality of the iPhone's camera.
All that marketing about the laser technology and fast zooming, iPhone has that and a lot better.
Believe me, I shoot a lot of photos.

Now I don't know about all Android devices but the LG G3 had no SM integration as far as found.
No option for square photo mode. This was my biggest dissapointment.
I mean shooting photo's and then having to crop them is not going to portrait the scene that you have shot
at that moment and want to share with the world.
As I don't care that much about twitter or facebook I can't share thoughts about that but I know in iOs you can
find that integration within seconds.

So those were all the points why I decided to go back to iOs from Android.

And now I am the proud owner of a brand new iPhone, or as in marketing known the iPhone 6.

Kind regards,

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